Students spur community spirit with positivity

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FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS in Betsy Cowherd’s class at Coal City Intermediate School have taken on a project to boost community spirit by posting their art, positive messages, poems and riddles in the windows of their classroom.

Need a little pick me up? Just take a drive past Coal City Intermediate School.
Students in Betsy Cowherd’s room decided to partake in a small community project to boost spirits.
Since their classroom is located in the front of the school, it made perfect to engage in a project that all of the community could see.
“We have 10 large windows across our room. We decided that with all of the hard times going on for the past couple of years we would like to use our windows to make our community feel better,” Cowherd said.
The fourth grade students and their teacher will be displaying pictures, poems, riddles, or just positive sayings each month in their windows for everyone to enjoy.
“We hope that it causes community members to smile and maybe even giggle when they ride past CCIS. I mean who doesn't enjoy children's art and fun thoughts,” said Cowherd.
The students are doing all the work. They come up with the ideas, and then they create the posters.
“As their teacher, it was quite fun to watch them lead each other toward a common goal. I can't wait to see what new idea they have for this month,” Cowherd said.