Wilmington Wildcat State Champs honored

THE STATE CHAMPION Wilmington Wildcat football teams was recognized in December by the Wilmington School District 209-U Board of Education as well as the Wilmington City Council. Photo by Marney Simon.


The Wilmington School District 209-U Board of Education and the City of Wilmington honored the members of this year’s state champion Wilmington Wildcat football team during December.

Dist. 209-U Board president Terry Anderson thanked the team for their hard work this fall, and noted that players can take pride that their school excels in both academics and athletics.

Meanwhile, the City Council presented the team with the new state champion road sign that will be placed at the entrance to the city.

“It was a fantastic season, a great run. I really want to commend you guys not just for your dedication but also for your parents for making you get to practice,” Mayor Ben Dietz said. “The staff, for all that you do. Hundreds and hundreds of kids have gone through that program, probably over 1,000 now, and the generations and it’s just a big deal for Wilmington. On a personal note, the way you guys got together not only the community but also the surrounding communities that have backed you, that’s something special. You see Seneca fans at the state game or you see Braidwood fans cheering you guys on, that’s really special.”

The mayor issued a proclamation honoring the team and declaring Friday, Dec. 22 as Wildcat Football Day in the city of Wilmington.